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WICKED WAYS by Cari Silverwood --   Download
CLAIMING FIFI by Tara Crescent -- Download
THE PAWN by Skye Warren -- Download
INDULGE ME by Jaye Peaches -- Download 
MADDOX by Maggie Ryan and Alta Hensley -- Download
COLLISION COURSE by Desiree Holt -- Download
MEMORIES OF SURRENDER by Sophie Kisker -- Download 
INFAMOUS LOVE by Livia Grant -- Download 
THE BARBARIAN'S CAPTIVE by Maddie Taylor -- Download 
SURRENDER TO THE CYBORGS by Grace Goodwin -- Download 
HIS HUMAN SLAVE by Renee Rose -- Download
THE COWBOY'S REVENGE by Zoe Blake -- Download
VIKING THUNDER by Emmanuelle de Maupassant -- Download 
DESIRING DEATH by C.P. Mandara -- Download
THE INVITATION by Jennifer Bene -- Download
RESCUED BY THE BESERKERS by Lee Savino -- Download
A WANTON WOMAN by Vanessa Vale -- Download
BINDING BRINLEY by Maren Smith -- Download
IVAN'S CAPTIVE SUBMISSIVE by Ann Mayburn -- Download
THE INSTITUTE: DADDY ISSUES by Evangeline Anderson -- Download
​THROUGH MY WINDOW by Jane Rylon -- Download
DADDY TAKES THE REINS by Kelly Dawson -- Download
THE PRINCE'S LITTLE MATE by Meredith O'Reilly -- Download
PROPERLY PUNISHED by Morganna Williams -- Download
TUCKER'S JUSTICE by Maggie Carpenter -- Download
MYKA AND THE MILLIONAIRE by Alexis Alvarez -- Download
HER ALIEN COMMANDER by Ashe Barker -- Download
HER MASTER'S HAND by Korey Mae Johnson -- Download
SPANKING MS. WHITMAN by Kate Richards -- Download
WITH THIS COLLAR by Sierra Cartwright -- Dowload
BORN TO BE BOUND by Addison Cain -- Download
TRADING SLAVES by Rachel Burns -- Download
A BEAUTIFUL PRISON by Jenika Snow -- Download